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Strong Financials

Scarborough Manor Owner’s Corporation (SMOC) commands strong financials, enhanced by a Reserve Fund of over $1M, to be used only in the event of an extreme emergency.  


SMOC has embarked on an aggressive, but necessary, building renovation that was completed in 2016 and an upgrade to its power plant that will put in place the most advanced and energy efficient equipment, expected to be completed in 2019.


As part of the power plant upgrade, two projects were completed in 2016:  a solar energy system installation and the replacement of all common area lighting with LED lighting.  During 2019-20, Scarborough Manor is scheduled to convert to natural gas from fuel oil, to replace its HVAC system, to install new backup power generators and embark on other pertinent projects regarding its power plant.


All of these improvements are expected, over time, to be paid for through energy savings.

Repointing work in progress on Scarborough Manor
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